Dot-Art Competition

Missiotfal has launched a competition for various localities around Malta. This is the dot-art competition was for the children in Mtarfa. 

We sent a short video on Australia in which we explained the origin of the dot-art technique from the Aboriginals. 

The aim to all this is to learn about the different cultures from around the world. In this way, the children can understand the beauty of this art and these people. We explained the dot-art technique to children and we invited them to be creative and send us their piece art with this technique. We invited them to send us a photo of their project to us on:-  

The winner is Samira Deguara from Mtarfa. She won a nice bag as shown in photo. You can also see her piece of dot-art she has sent us. 

We will keep you updated and send you the winner from a different locality during these summer months.

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