Dinja Mutur

Missio Malta together with Stephen Formasa are embarking on an initiative coordinated by Missio Malta.  This upcoming project – “Dinja Mutur” – is all about a biker who shall be riding his motorbike across Africa, Asia and America in a solo trip which shall be captured on camera to be aired on local prominent social media platform and raise funds for Missio Malta.

During his adventure trip, Stephen shall be going through villages with projects supported and funded by Missio to document his experience there and share it with the general public. That way one could enjoy a live, true picture of where the funds and help is invested in these poor and remote villages and countries. This production will also capture the difficulties one encounters during such a trip.

We plan to cover the experience in every single continent on a separate production schedule, i.e. capturing footage in Africa, another one capturing footage in Asia and the final one with footage in South America. In addition, everything shall be recorded on social media and a dedicated blog on Dinja Mutur’s website.

Stephen will be leaving Malta to prepare for his trip Monday, 8th November to start this adventure that will take him to the first continent, Africa starting from Kenya to Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, Botswana and finally South Africa covering a total of 20,000Km on his bike in 6 months. This whole adventure & mission trip will be aired on ONE TV from October 2022.

People can follow news and information the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dinjamutur and

Donate on the adventure crowd funding page https://missio.org.mt/donate/projects/education-training/dinja-mutur/

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