“Dinja Mutur” is an exciting project which Missio has embarked on in collaboration with Stephen Formosa, a biker who already travelled solo on his motorcycle across Africa and who shall now also visit Asia and South America in a quest for a new adventure.  During his trip, Stephen shall be going through villages with projects supported and funded by Missio, to document his experience. Through Stephen’s eyes one can witness a live, true picture of how Missio aids communities living within remote villages and how MISSIO invests in the education of such individuals long-term. 

Your generous contribution helps us support Stephen during his lenghty solo trip across the continents and helps Missio transmit his experience so that we get to live this exciting trip and the life-changing projects carried out thanks to the generosity of many.

We thank you for your support.

Dinja Mutur TV Programme

Dinja Mutur / Every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30pm / ONE.com.mt

In the past months, Missio Malta has been working enthusiastically on an exciting project! In collaboration with Stephen Formosa, “Dinja Mutur” is all about a biker who has just arrived from a solo trip in Africa in his quest to go round Africa, Asia and America by bike.

This adventure has been and is being captured on camera to be aired on ONE TV started on the 3rd January 2023 and will be on air every Tuesday and Thursday between 20:30 to 21:00hrs. During his trip, apart from the adventure itself, Stephen is visiting villages with projects supported and funded by Missio to document his experience there and share it with the general public. That way we would be sharing a live, true picture of where the funds and help is invested in these poor and remote villages and countries on TV!

Dinja Mutur is a Missio Malta Production

Presenter: Robert Farrugia

Biker: Steven Formosa

Producers: Robert Farrugia & Dorianne Mamo

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