Press Release World Mission Sunday

World Missions Sunday will be celebrated on Sunday 23rd October 2022, and will shine a light on the work carried out by Missions, with communities in developing countries.

Missio Malta, which forms part of an international organisation of the same name, has dedicated the whole month of October to raise awareness about the cause.

Communities in Ethiopia Missio is helping for Mission Month 2022

Missio Malta Head of Communications and Fund-Raising Robert Farrugia said that World Missions Sunday is an opportunity for the Maltese public to learn more about the religious and lay people from Malta and Gozo who have dedicated their lives to help entire communities in need.

“World Missions Sunday is just one day which reminds us of the work being done by Missions around the world, as Missio’s dedication to the cause is ongoing, all year round. On this day, Missio celebrates Missionaries, for their dedication to those in need. This we do through the Gospel’s Missionary Message, and through helping people in developing countries, concretely. Missio Malta invites the public to offer their support, through donations, which sustain their projects,” Farrugia said.

Missio Malta in collaboration with Missio Australia created a video to celebrate the values of World Mission Sunday as seen in the video below:

Currently, Missio Malta is supporting projects in Ethiopia among other countries, as communities are being helped develop modern agricultural systems. Another project is helping young girls achieve new skills, in order to be able to attain personal independence. 

These projects are intended to help entire communities have a better standard of living.

This year, on occasion of International Missions Day, Archbishop Charles J. Sciculna will celebrate mass at 9:30am, at the Santa Marija Basilica of Mosta. On Saturday 22nd October, on the eve of International Missions Day, volunteers from Missio will meet members of the public on the parvis of the same church, to raise awareness about missionary work around the world. 

Earlier this month, Missio Malta launched Socktober in collaboration with MFA, and with the participation of children attending football nurseries around Malta, who were invited to create a ball made of rags and recycled materials, the same way children in developing countries do. For more information about socktober press here

For videos, stories, resources and mission month messages press here

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