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Unexpectedly and unfortunately, 2021 was another year with the COVID‐19 situation and restrictions. It certainly was another struggling year for all of us. It affected everyone, so it’s no surprise it affected my mission too. Like last year, schools obviously stopped Parents’ Day Activities once again, which used to be a very good source of great income dedicated to my projects. Also, having less charts and resources orders, again, due to COVID‐19 directives, didn’t help at all! However, as they say “where there’s a will, there’s a way!” So, by preparing new and different workbooks and resources, and giving discounts or gifts with each purchase, parents, teachers and LSEs made many new purchases.

So, with a bigger struggle, will‐power and advertisement, God help me manage to make the profit to sponsor the following projects: 

1. COVID‐19 AID – Healthy & Protein ‐ medical and malt kits for the poor children of the Diocese of Dharmapuri in India. 

2. Sponsor for a teaching course for Christine, who lost her parents. 

3. Furniture for Christine’s sister and her kids, who lost their house and belongings. 

4. Food, medicine and equipment for an orphanage for handicapped kids. 

5. Three successful kids’ eye operations. 

6. Christmas presents for 4 different orphanages in different poor countries. 

May I remind you that every purchase you make helps towards similar great PROJECTS, yet to come!

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Thank you all very much! 

Joan Libreri

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