Safer housing for flood victims

Fanileti Nangwale, from Chikwawa, in the Southern Region of Malawi, is an albino mother of five. Some years ago, she was burned alive by some people who believe that albinos are a curse and bring bad luck. On the other hand, in Malawi and other nearby countries, albino people like Fanileti are wanted to be killed, because they believe that parts of their bodies bring good luck and healthy. The mother lives every single day in pain because of the burns she has suffered and the injuries she has caused from the sun. Among other things, the mother lost her hair and her lips are worn out. This is a condition that affects African albinos, who, due to their light and delicate skin, end up literally burned by the sun, which is very strong in Africa. With a little money this mother can easily relieve some of the pain she is going through and at the same time protect her skin by buying sunscreen and medicine. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done and Fanileti has now developed skin cancer. Ideally, she stays indoors away from the sun, but the mother has to go out to work in the fields to support her children. During the day in the fields there is no shade where Fanileti can take shelter or maybe keep an umbrella in her hand, as how will she work then?

What for us Europeans, who apply sunscreen, is a basic necessity especially in the hot summer months, for albinos in Africa, this is an unbearable luxury. Poverty puts albinos in a vicious cycle where many end up working in the fields outside in the sun and their daily sun exposure combined with their condition of not having melanin in their skin to protect them, increases the risk of skin cancer. Effective sun protection helps albinos protect themselves from the bright rays of the Equator.

Thanks to various donations, Missio is helping Fanileti in basic needs like medicine and sunscreen. The mother has been suffering from both skin problems and poverty for many years. Fanileti and many other families have recently lost their homes due to flooding in the village where they live. The mother is currently living in a shack with her own mother. They do not have enough food or other necessities. This, along with her hospital visits that she needs to go, are making her life very difficult. Therefore, Missio is asking for your help to once again help Fanileti and other families in Malawi rebuild their homes so that they can live their lives with dignity.

Thank you for your donations.

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