• 13 Jun 2017
    €10 including 10 tombola, tea or coffee, 2 pastizzi, sandwich and muffin. Transport not included in price. Please book your place by calling 21236962.  
  • 13 Jun 2017
    It’s Rafiki’s Birthday!!!! Come and enjoy yourself at my party. Book your tickets by calling on 21236962 or info@missio.org.mt.
  • Modi ohra kif tista tghin
    01 Feb 2017
    5061 7374 – B’SMS ta’ €2.33 tkun qed titma’ 7 t’itfal ghal gurnata. 5061 8820 – B’SMS ta’ €6.99 tkun qed tixtri l-kotba ghal tifel jew tifla ghal sena skolastika.
  • il progett home banner
    13 Feb 2015
    Mark Caruana will host a mission into the unknown, a life changing journey! 6 Maltese personalities will be part if a mission starting from Malta finishing up a project somewhere deep into the 3rd World. A project which will contribute to a better life. in collaboration with Missio missionaries! More info on our facebook page


About the Pontifical Mission Societies

The Pontifical Mission Societies have the common aim of assisting the Holy Father, in spreading missionary awareness among priests, religious, adults and children; encouraging aid to the poor, and gathering financial support for different projects in third world countries.  The funds collected in Malta and Gozo by the Pontifical Mission Societies are sent directly to mission dioceses in need, as instructed by our head office in Rome.

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